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Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Firstly, our family lawyers are here to help YOU.

Do not be apprehensive about talking to one of our lawyers about your personal situation. We are everyday people. We DO understand what you are going through. We often have children ourselves and have even gone through the process of separation or divorce in our personal lives.

We understand that separation or divorce is a very emotional time in your life. You may be feeling sad, guilty, frustrated or even angry. ALL of these emotions that you may feel during this time are valid.

As lawyers, we often hear clients that are nervous when speaking to a lawyer. This can be for many reasons. Our family lawyers at Stacey McAllan Legal use PLAIN language, and EXPLAIN the family law process, and your options.

We LISTEN to you. We provide you with advice and we answer your questions. NO question is silly!

We understand that you may have concerns about legal costs after separation. We will answer all of your questions about legal costs throughout the duration of your matter. We will provide you with updated information about your costs in an ongoing way, so that you feel INFORMED and prepared about your family law matter.

Our family lawyers are here to guide you through the legal aspects of separation and HELP you and your former partner or spouse reach an agreement about parenting or property or both! Court proceedings and litigation are a last resort, when you and your partner have attempted genuine negotiations and mediation (also called family dispute resolution).

We will LISTEN to you and provide legal advice about the process of achieving settlement, as well as your rights and entitlements under the Family Law Act. We want you to feel EMPOWERED during this process, so that you can move on with your life.

Contact our FRIENDLY family lawyers today. We are ready and willing to ASSIST YOU.

Gunnedah & Newcastle in office, and visits are available in Muswellbrook, Singleton, Scone, Murrurundi, and Tamworth.


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